James Elwick, PhD
Green Party Candidate for Oakville

James Elwick has lived in Oakville since 2003 with his wife and his two children. He wants to see them - and Oakville - thrive, so he's running as the Oakville candidate for the Green Party of Canada. 

Professionally, James is trained as an historian of science and teaches about the relationship between science, technology and society. He's currently an Associate Professor at York University.

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When elected, James Elwick will work hard to:

  • Introduce fiscally responsible and revenue-neutral taxation that...

    • ...cuts taxes on what Canadians want (income, arts and culture, clean infrastructure).

    • ...raises taxes on things we don’t want (pollution, waste, junk food).

  • Restore our trust in democracy with parliamentary reforms to...

    • ...increase access, transparency and fairness.

    • ...reduce partisanship and negative campaigning.

  • Ensure greater fairness with laws that...

    • target white collar crime.

    • make tax evasion more difficult.

    • increase democratic oversight of large corporations.

  • Pursue policies that make it easier for small businesses to invest in green technology, improve workers' skills, and hire youth.

  • Take bold action on the climate crisis through Mission: Possible, the Green Party's 20-step Climate Action Plan.

  • Add the right to affordable housing and drinkable water to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

James Elwick is getting help from people of all political stripes - grow your own political footprint by helping him develop our local Green Party here in Oakville.


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