James Elwick, PhD
Green Party Candidate for Oakville

James Elwick has lived in Oakville since 2003 with his wife and his two children. He wants to see them - and Oakville - thrive, so he's running as the Oakville candidate for the Green Party of Canada. 

Professionally, James is trained as an historian of science and teaches about the relationship between science, technology and society. He's currently an Associate Professor at York University.

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About James

James Elwick, PhD was born in British Columbia and has lived in Oakville since 2003, with his wife and two kids.


It is for his children, and other Oakville youth, that he runs for the Green Party of Canada. And it is in honour of his grandparents, who served in the Second World War, that he grows his political footprint to serve our community.

James’ commitment to Oakville — and also to real reconciliation between Canada and its Indigenous, Métis, and Inuit peoples — is demonstrated in his work on the board of Hockey Cares, a charity bringing together youth from Attawapiskat and Oakville.

Professionally, James is trained as an historian of science and teaches about the relationship between science, technology and society. He is currently an Associate Professor at York University, and has degrees from Western University, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Toronto.


At York he's won teaching awards and coordinated a large multi-university project. James also worked in the Vancouver film and television industry and in marketing research.

For years, Canadians have been told by our political and corporate leaders that we need to innovate and compete. James thinks it's time to apply this logic back on our dysfunctional political system, which is unable to respond to challenges like the climate crisis, rising intolerance, and growing economic inequality.

He believes it's only by innovating a new politics that we can maintain Oakville and Canada’s prosperity, and our core commitment to fairness. This new politics is shown by the Green Party's comprehensive policies, its commitment to fiscal responsibility and fairness, its grassroots organization, and its belief in cooperation.

Reject the politics of fear. Grow your own political footprint. Experiment with your vote.

James Elwick (Green Party Candidate for Oakville) and Conlann W. (future game design legend)

About electoral reform, at Halton Environmental Network Debate, Oct.  3, 2019

Canadians in this election, more than ever, can vote from hope and from conviction, not from fear.

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